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Laboratoria Smeets

Laboratoria Smeets

Laboratoria Smeets is a Belgian company with more then 30 years of experience in contract manufacturing and contract packing activities for (para) pharmaceutical products. The company is located near Antwerp All activities are performed under cGMP conditions. The core values of Laboratoria Smeets are Excellence Confidence - Flexibility -Transparency.



From blending to packaging, all processes are performeed under GMP conditions.


Powder to powder,
liquid into powder,
powder in liquid,
everything is feasable.


We produce several hundreds of millions of powder filled sachets per year...


Sachet technology

Unique twin sachets with breakable seal in order to blend liquid-powder.

Printing techniques

Sachets with full digital color printing give extra possibilities to convey your message.

API Solubility

New patented technology for making API's such as antibiotics water soluble.Low cost technology to make granules with twin screw extruders in a continuous process.

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Laboratoria Smeets