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Characterizing & finding oversized particles in drugs
oversized particles in drugs In the manufacture of inhalation drug suspensions, and indeed other drug suspensions such as eye drops, it is important to monitor the process to ensure that there are no oversized particles. The automated particle image analyzer allows the measurement of size and shape of particles via simple SOPs in a fast, repeatable, routine analysis ideal for either research or quality control purposes. This means processes can be monitored closely and any problems identified rapidly, which in turn can improve efficiency and ultimately the profitability of the manufacturing process.
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Driving diffraction’s dry powder dispersion for even fragile pharmaceuticals
Equipped with the novel Aero dry dispersion unit, the new Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyzer now extends dry measurement to the widest possible range of sample types, even fragile pharmaceuticals, from 0.1 micron up to 3.5 mm in the dry state. Rapid and efficient, this new dispersion unit is supported by the fastest data acquisition rates available. Dry measurements become stable more quickly, and even challenging samples with very wide size distributions are measured accurately.
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Achieving the ideal droplet size for nasal sprays
flu Recent research suggests that it may be possible to create a broader flu vaccine that would effectively end the need for these yearly vaccinations.The non-injectable delivery of a universal flu vaccine such as via a nasal spray device, might bring great benefits both healthcare givers and receivers. Nasal spray devices must ideally generate droplets within a specific size range (approx 20-120 μm) to facilitate the correct deposition of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. By modifying the viscosity of the formulation, or the design of the device, droplet size of the delivered dose can be fine-tuned to ensure the effective administration of a nasal vaccination.
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