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Leading Quality and Variety

OPTIMA Pharma GmbH

Optima Pharma known for their diversified and innovative range of filling and packing machines for pharmaceutical products, both sterile and non-sterile liquid and powder applications. Pharmaceutical freeze-drying as well as isolation and containment technology secures our position as a single source supplier in the industry.

The advantage for the customer is that they can choose the ideal solution suitable for their configuration and their needs from both a modular perspective as well as custom-built solutions.

  Custom-Built Solutions
  1. Technical Services
  2. Facilities
  3. Sterile filling
  4. Nonsterile filling
  5. Clinical diagnostics
  6. Freeze drying
  7. Isolation and Containment Technology
  8. Markets Served
Product Fields:
  1. Sterile Filling
  2. Nonsterile Filling
  3. Freeze Drying
  4. Isolators
  5. Diagnostic
  Contact Us:


Otto-Hahn Strasse 1,
74523 Schwaebisch Hall.
Phone: + 49 791 9495 0
Fax: + 49 791 9495 2610
Email: info@optima-pharma.com
Website: www.optima-pharma.com

U.S. Operations:

1330 Contract Drive
Green Bay, WI 54304


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