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2nd Annual Biologics World Korea l 16-18 April 2013 l Sheraton Incheon Hotel | Seoul, South Korea
Demand for Biopharmaceutical Technology in South Korea to Accelerate in 2013

The demand for the latest biopharmaceutical technology in South Korea continues to rise by leaps and bounds, buoyed by the rapid expansion of biologic drug pipeline. Just recently, Korean Biopharma company, Ildong Pharmaceutical, announced plan to commercialize third-generation chimeric monoclonal antibody. This is heating up the race of building the most competitive biologic pipeline in South Korea, where Celltrion, Hanwha Biologics, PharmAbcine, Genexine, CJ CheilJedang are taking the lead.

Companies are responding fast to this phenomenon. Sigma-Aldrich's custom manufacturing and services business unit, SAFC, just announced expansion in South Korea to tap into its growing biopharma market. INC Research is also growing its South Korean presence in anticipation of dramatic increase of opportunities in biopharma drug development. Are you missing out on this exciting growth in South Korea? Why not join us at the Biologics World Korea 2013, a platform that convenes all the key opinion leaders and decision makers in South Korea and from around the world to discuss the challenges in the biologic industry. Be part of this thought leadership to learn the trend in biopharmaceutical technology for biological drug innovation and biomanufacturing best practices.

Our renowned speaker faculty includes:
  • Alteogen, Dr. Soon Jae Park, CEO
  • Binex Co. Ltd, Dr. Doo Hyun Kim, CTO & SVP of bioprocessing
  • Celltrion, Dr. Stanley Hong, President of R&D
  • CJ CheilJedang, Dr. Cho Sung Yoo, Project Leader
  • Creagene, Dr Yong Soo Bae, CEO
  • Genexine, Dr. Sehwan Yang, MD & Head of Research Institute
  • Hanwha Biologics, Dr. Paul Coleman,CEO
  • KBSI, Dr. Yoo Jong Shi, Director
  • Korea UCB, Mr. Thomas Roberts, Managing Director
  • KRIBB, Dr. Young Woo Park, Therapeutic Antibody Research Center
  • Green Cross, Dr. Se Ho Kim, Director of Antibody Engineering Unit
  • Merck Serono, Mr. Yariv Hefez, VP, Head of BD & Alliance Management Biosimilars
  • Mycenax, Taiwan, Dr. Karen Wen, CEO
  • NovImmune, Dr. Greg Elson, Head of Manufacturing
  • PharmAbcine, Dr. Jin San Yoo,  President & CEO
  • Protein Sciences Corporation, Dr. Daniel Adams, Executive Chairman
  • SK Chemicals, Dr. Hun Taek Kim VP/Director, Life Science R&D Center
This is the only biologics gathering in South Korea where you will meet the most relevant industrial movers and shakers. Talk to us about how you can be involved. Seize this opportunity to showcase your technology and solution for the biologic industry. Download our event brochure or contact us at or call us at +65 6493 2095 to find out more. Only limited opportunity left so hurry!

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Biologics World Korea Team

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